The Driving Force of the intellect, the guide to your destination for success, the Foster Parent & an artist working endlessly to carve a masterpiece out of raw material, is what suits the best for our faculty. Our faculty can be best judged as Reliable, Intellectual, Caretakers & Pillars of Perpetual help who nourish the children with their guidance & love. Their conversant personalities are a boon to their extravagant & world – class educatory skills & a zest to be of potential to develop the future of our Nation in our young students.

S.No Teacher's Name Qualification Exp.
1 Miss. Kiran Peter M.A (Eco.,Eng.), B.ed 16 years
2 Miss. Sapna Goyal B.Pharma 5 yrs.
3 Mr. Rohit choudhary B.Sc, B.ed 3 yrs.
4 Mr. Vishal Sharma M.A (Eng.), B.ed 3 yrs.
5 Mrs. Madhu Lalawat M.A(Hist.,Hindi), B.ed 15 yrs.
6 Mrs. Archana Dixit M.A (Hindi), B.ed 13 yrs.
7 Miss Jaya Chouhan M.A (Political), B.ed 3 yrs.
8 Miss Palak Goyal M.Sc. (appl), B.ed 3 yrs.
9 Miss Bharti shukla M.Sc (Maths) 3 yrs.
10 Mrs.Amrita Pathak,B.ed 7 yrs.
11 Mrs. Sonal Wadia M.A,B.ed 15 yrs.
12 Miss Shilpa Soni B.Pharma, B.ed 3 yrs.
13 Miss Shalini Shukla B.Sc(C.S), B.ed 4 yrs.
14 Miss Preeti Shukla B.Sc.(C.S), B.ed 4 yrs.
15 Miss Nisha Marmat M.A (Sociology), B.ed 35 yrs.
16 Miss Bhavsh dubey B.A (Hin.), B.ed 3 yrs.
17 Mr. Neeraj Choudhary B.Com, B.ed 3 yrs.
18 Mr. Sawan Nigam B.P.ed. 3 yrs.
19 Miss Amrita Cahavand M.lib 3 yrs.
20 Miss Nikita Kothari B.E.(C.S) 3 yrs.
21 Miss Preeti Dhande M.A (Indian Classical Music) 8 yrs.
22 Miss Isha Shrivas B.Com, MBA 2 yrs.
23 Miss Ruby Lanjwar B.E.(CS) 4 yrs.
24 Mrs Radha Gupta M.A, B.ed 5 yrs.
25 Sunita Chouhan M.Sc(Chem.), B.ed 3 yrs.
26 Prashant Rathore M.A (Dance) 5 yrs.