Our school has a wide campus measuring 5 acres with eco friendly environment. The safety and security of our school.

Audio-visual Theatre

Supporting the academic education is State-of-the-Art Audio Visual Theater which is equipped with hi-tech sound and projection systems.The theater has a seating capacity of 100 students. It has excellent acoustics to

Awareness Programs

It helps reduce disturbing behavior in the classroom and maintain a conducive environment. Students with good social awareness skills can easily get involved in positive interaction with other people and find effective solutions to different social problems.

Class Wise P.T. & Mass P.T.

Apart from the classroom, physical education is the only time when students can meet and interact with their classmates and other schoolmates.

Career Guidance Programs

Proper career guidance would help you in implementing and leading toward a future course of action and assist you in making informed educational and occupational choices. Be it a school student or a working professional, anyone who takes career guidance and counseling benefits from it.

Monthly P.T.M

Discuss your child's inherent talents – At PTMs, you can highlight your child's special skills & talents that she has demonstrated at home, which you think can also be nurtured at school as well. Such discussions will help your child's teachers contribute greatly towards her holistic development.

Play & Toy Rooms

The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life