About Us

Aaradhya International School, Ujjain is an English Medium Unaided and Co – Education School, where strong Cultural values, National integration & brotherhood are taught to the children. Our School upholds moral and spiritual values. The integral personality development of child is the prime goal and it is achieved through effective education. Our Motto is "To, lighten the future of child through excellent education.

Our school is owned and governed by Aaradhya Siksha and Shodh Samiti. The school managing committee is formed according to the norms set by the board. The ultimate goal is to inculcation of highest values which should not only be learnt & imbibe, but should be retained & practiced all throughout the life………so that a strong, healthy, mentally aware & socially well-adjusted human being enters the society.

Our school has a vide campus measuring 5 acres with eco friendly environment. The safety and security of our school children is the prime objective of our managing committee.

Historical Overview

The School strongly upholds moral and spiritual values. The integral development of personality is the prime goal and it is achieved through effective studies. To achieve these goals, the society decided in January 2013 to open Co-Ed English Medium School at Ujjain Dewas Road, A Suitable plot of land measuring five acres was acquired at Munju Khedi, Narwar and the school was started on 01st of July 2013.


The objectives of the school are

  • To bring out the best in every child, while monitoring all aspects of integral learning.
  • To detect the streams of potentialities of each child and given training to play a noble role in building up personality, family, society, nation, & world at large.
  • To provide an Education rooted in the cultural heritage of our country.
  • To create an atmosphere of fellowship and service, leading to building up to ideal families.


Our attempt is to create the right environment and help the student's to learn without fear and hesitation. Together they explore and the student is encouraged to observe his/her own thinking, behavior and motivation, a feeling of concern for mankind and environment is awakened in the student.


To build a bridge spanning the past, the present & the future. "Through knowledge one attains immortality". According to the Vedas without knowledge and learning one cannot attain immortality. Therefore , one must always try to acquire knowledge through learning .